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We believe that the food system should be controlled by the people it serves. We want to be a part of a democratic food system where both the producers and consumers are working together to secure a healthy, wholesome local food system.

How will this work in practice?

Well, it involves getting people together to talk about what they want to see from a local food system; to share ideas about how we could improve this system; or just to talk about and share good food. This is what the Hwb Bwyd Tywi can offer – a way of facilitating these conversations.

The Hwb Bwyd Tywi is registered as a Co-operative Community Interest Company. This means that the assets of the company are held to benefit to local community, and residents of the local community can join the co-operative.

We offer Membership to those who use the Hwb Bwyd Tywi our customers and our producers.

As a Consumer Member you can help direct the development of the Hwb Bwyd Tywi and make sure it works for you and the local community. Each member has a vote so if you can attend our seasonal general meetings and you can stand to be on the board of directors of the co-operative as a Consumer Member representative.

As a consumer member you can help the Hyb Bywd by volunteering and receive a 5% discount in return.

As a Consumer Member you can join the Wholesale Hwb Bwyd Clwb – where you can order your wholefoods with us every month from our wholesale suppliers. This means you get wholesale cost price and we all save on using extra packaging! For more information see: Hwb Bywd Clwb

Join as a consumer membership and volunteer with the Hwb Bwyd in exchange for a discount on your weekly order. Here are the following volunteer opportunities with the Hwb Bwyd for consumer members:

If you are already a customer of the Hwb Bwyd and you are interested in joining as a consumer member it costs just £1 per year to join. Feel free to contact us for the membership form.

Or just follow this link:

Consumer Membership Form

One thought on “Support us by becoming a member!”

  • sylvia fairclough says:


    I’d be happy to sign up for an order of £20.00 a month. BTW, an email sent to the email address above (info@… ) bounced back




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