Local Grass Fed Organic Beef – Fferm Tyllwyd

We are very pleased to announce that the Food Hub now will be selling 100% Grass Fed Organic Welsh Black Beef form our new producer John James of Ferm Tyllwyd, near Brechfa.

John James and his son Daffyd are the third and forth generations at Fferm Tyllwyd, a 200 acre farm near Felingwm Uchaf over looking the Towy Valley. John and Daffyd produce award winning hand reared pedigree Welsh Black beef. Their cattle are 100% grass fed and the land has always been farmed organically.

When we went up to visit John on his wind swept farm it became very clear that he is good at what he is does. The many framed articles from various news papers in his office shows how well his work with the Welsh Blacks has been received.

Welsh black is one of the most ancient breeds in the UK. They are said to most closely resemble cattle reared in this country before the Roman invasion. A very hardy breed they are popular for use in higher more exposed parts of the countryside. The quality is said to be at least on a par if not exceeding Aberdeen Angus, and with Fferm Tyllwyd finishing their cattle on grass we can rest assured that the quality of this local meat is second to none.

“People who are concerned about the environment should buy local – the food miles with our produce are next to none as we only sell to the local community. Customers can be sure that their money stays in the area”, says John James.

“People who are concerned about the environment should buy local” says farmer John James

And we like that. John’s beef ticks all our Food Hub boxes: its local, heritage, organic and grass fed. And after tasting John’s beef we are really pleased to say that ticking all those boxes pays of – his meat is indeed really tasty.

Letting animals grass rather than feed them grain means that their diet is less total fat, have more heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, more conjugated linoleic acid (a type of fat that’s thought to reduce heart disease and cancer risks), and contain more antioxidant vitamins such as vitamin E. Farming in this way is also lighter on the environment because you don’t have to grow mono-culture grain to feed your livestock.

As John works on a monthly distribution cycle you can order John’s beef on the Food Hub once a month.

All the meat is fresh from Ferm Tyllwyd, reared by John and his son Daffyd. We are very fortunate to have this quality of produce so close by, so stock up for the next month and place your order now.

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