New Year, Newydd Hwb

We have had to consider many aspects of how the business has been run and where we would like to take the Food Hub over the coming year. Here are some of the changes:

Hwb Bwyd Tywi

The main change we’ve made is the decision to re-brand the Hub as the Hwb Bwyd Tywi. The reasons for this are:

– to expand the geographical catchment to the whole of the Tywi Valley

– to avoid having the name in primarily English (and it was a long name) then having to translate

The relevant changes to the website and marketing material will be introduced over the next week.

Open Food Network

We have been to going over the options for the online shop software. We had an offer to use a new e-commerce system. However, after discussions with the Open Food Network we have decided to remain with them and support them. It seems that some of the issues with the shop user experience arose form a way of “embedding” the OFN on our site so we have removed this element.

The OFN is taking on more staff to deal with the ongoing process of fixing, updating, and developing the software. We really believe in the Open Food Network vision and we hope to see some significant progress in the coming year with more and more Hubs and producers using the OFN.


We have to start charging for deliveries to a home address from now on, at £1.20.
However, delivery to pick-up points will be free and this does mean we will be delivering to Llandovery area again!

Pick-up Points

We have a new pick up point on a Friday in Bethlehem.
We are actively seeking a pick-up point in Llandovery, if you can help with this please get in touch.
Here’s a reminder of our existing pick-up points with opening times:

Llandeilo Station Hub: Friday 12:00pm – 2pm

Hangout Llandeilo: Friday 2pm – 8pm

Llansadwrn Reading Room: SATURDAY 10am – 12pm

Bethlehem (5 Trem y Garn): Friday 4pm – 6pm

New Stock!

We have expanded our range with many new additions including some requests like spelt grain, sardines and black olive pate. Follow the link below to see what’s new.

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