New Producer – Teifi Coffee

I first came across Teifi Coffee at the corner shop in Llangadog. I had been trying to cut down on coffee but when I saw these packs of locally roasted coffee I thought, well, I really should at least try it, for the sake of local producers!.
So far I have tried the Arabica and the Organic and I have to say it’s astonishingly good! It doesn’t look like I’ll be quitting my morning cup of terror any time soon!

Chris of Teifi Coffee supplies of fresh beans and coffee, roasted to order, and ground locally. All coffee beans supplied are within a week of being roasted, so extremely fresh, no sitting around on warehouse shelves.

Coupled with his passion for living in West Wales, Chris thought it would be kind to donate a little of his caffeine love back to the community. That’s why he donates 50p per kilo of all coffee you buy to a Welsh charity.

Donations are made to Ten charities chosen at random from suggestions by our stockists. The Teifi Ten change each year so any suggestions from you we will pass them on to Chris.

So a big welcome to Teifi Coffee and check out the fresh beans and ground coffee now available on the Hwb.

And here’s a link to their website:

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