Looking ahead to the next season

The season is about to come to an end and we can look back on an eventful year where new things were started that got the hub ‘growing’.

Our local patch work farmers that braved to start growing have made a good start as vegetable producers. It has been such a pleasure to know where the vegetables in our box came from. Now winter is coming and the hungry gap is widening. As vegetables are coming to an end we have decided to buy in organic vegetables for the hungry gap season (which is far too long) from regional and national suppliers. We hope you will keep buying from us so we can keep the hub running and do its work to establish more producers for the coming season.

A food event to propel us into a new growing year
Our food event on saturday oct 21st will mark the end of the season but also the beginning of thinking about the production for next year. Here at Coed Talylan (or Red Pig Farm), we have already planted out our garlic and broad beans, enlarging the plot so we can harvest even more next year. Thanks to you, we too hope our producers have been encouraged to scale up to have a larger, more consistent and longer supply of vegetables the coming year. The food event will focus on getting even more people excited about farming in the Towy Valley area so we can keep growing towards our goals of a food sovereign Wales.

We hope to see you all this saturday. The day starts at 10 am. If you can, please come to the beginning to support our interesting speakers and bring along a dish to share for the lunch potluck at noon: Amongst the speakers are Pembrokeshire Farmer Gerald Miles who runs a CSA, grows heritage spelt and campaigns against GM and glyphosate, Tom O’kane who runs a succesful market garden in the Gower, David Thomas who will be talking about how to access land for growing and our local meat producers Emma Rose and John James, among others, will be talking about
how they have grown their farm businesses. We will end the day with an action session to try and establish more
producers, end the hungry gap, and get more people using the food hub as their main source of food to the benefit of our health, local economy and environment.

painting, apple pressing, make your own pizzas in the afternoon!

Landworkers Alliance (LWA), the UK equivalent of a peasant union, will
also be present to preview their new film IN OUR HANDS. LWA is a branch
of the unsung heroes of hundreds, if not thousands of years, of
peasantries world over. Its mother organisation La Via Campesina (the
way of the peasant) is a global movement of more than 200 million
people. In the times of brexit, LWA’s role has been to lobby the
government to support small scale farming. Check out this report about their post brexit farming work.

LWA also takes the new surge of sustainable landworkers seriously. This
paper is focusing on the new entrants to farming and how important it is to
make farming worth while and give it the support it needs to rejuvenate
it. In fact the sector needs 157.000 more farmers – so let’s get on with it.

More Resilience: We recently managed to get through the first round of
the european LEADER funding bid that focus on rural development. We are
proposing to build a multi stakeholder network of sustainable farmers to
create the resilience it takes for new farm enterprises to get started
and thrive in the Towy Valley. We will use the food event as a platform
for a public consultation needed for the next stage of the bid. We hope
you would like to join us dream up a sustainable future in the Valley.

See the full event program here

Autumn greetings from
on behalf of the
Black Mountain Food Hub Team

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