Wild garlic and Hazelnut Pesto

Many thanks to Natascha Kenyon of “Wild Side of Life” for sharing this amazing Ramson Pesto recipe.


  • Large bunch of wild garlic – leaves, stems, buds, flowers, seed pods all work fine here, though the earlier in the season you can harvest, the more vibrant the flavour. The more you use, the punchier your pesto will be. Don’t be shy to mix in other wild alliums like few-flowered leek, or wild brassicas like hedge garlic, hairy bittercress or sea radish. Washed.
  • 200g hazelnuts – I like them with the papery skin left on, which give a deeper flavour to the finished pesto. You can also just use mixed nuts, which I do as well sometimes.
  • 200g hard cheese. I use Manchego, but parmesan works just as well.
  • Optional: Ground seaweed – sea lettuce and pepper dulse would be ideal for salinity & spice
  • Pinch of salt and pepper to taste
  • Olive oil
  • Juice and zest of lemon
Blitz the hazelnuts in a food processor.
Grate the cheese and roughly chop the wild garlic, then add with all the rest of the ingredients except the olive oil. Blitz, adding a trickle of olive oil until you reach a consistency you like.

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