Get Involved

As well as using the Hwb Bwyd Tywi as a regular customer or producer, you can sign up to be a member of the co-operative and get involved through volunteering and being part of the co-operative’s decision making process.

For Customers

Customers can additionally sign up to be a Consumer Member of the Food Hub. As a Consumer Member you can participate in the development of the Hwb Bwyd Tywi by voting at our meetings. Each member has a vote and can stand to be one of the directors of the co-operative as a Consumer Member representative.

Consumer Members can also volunteer with the Hwb Bwyd Tywi in exchange for a 5% discount on your weekly order. This could be helping with packing, delivery, or providing a pick up point.

Members also have access to our Hwb Bwyd Clwb and order through our wholesale suppliers and refill on all our herbs and spices at half the price!

If you are a regular customer and you are interested in joining as a Consumer Member feel free to contact us for more details or just fill in our Consumer Membership Form here:

Consumer Membership Form

For Producers

Producers can sign up to be Producer Members of the co-operative. As a Producer Member you can play an active role in shaping the Food Hub to ensure it is responding to the your needs. In this way the Food Hub offers the possibility of facilitating opportunities for collaboration between local small and medium scale food producers and connecting them directly to their customers.

 Producer Membership Form


As a Consumer Member of the Food Hub you can volunteer to participate in the running of the Food Hub in the following ways:

Delivery – If you can deliver 4 or more orders you you will receive a 10% discount and 40p per mile expenses. This could also include delivery to a pick up point.

Providing a Pick-up Point – If you can provide a secure space for delivery/collection of pick up points you can claim a 5% discount.

Packing – If you can lend a hand with packing on a Friday morning you will receive a 5% discount.

Social Media – Helping us provide content for our website and social media, such as pictures, stories, recipes and anything of interest you can think of.

Welsh Translation – Help updating and translation our dual language website would be much appreciated.

What can you offer? – What skills and experience could you offer to help us make this local food system work?

If you are interested in Volunteering fill in our Consumer Membership Form here:

Consumer Membership Form