Cothi Valley bakery now back on the Hwb!

I am so happy to report that Cothi Valley pasteries and other baked goodies are now back on the Hwb Bwyd!

Fridays have just become so much more appealing!

So, as well as getting your weekly dose of goats milk you can treat yourself with….:

Croissants: Hand rolled and folded made with goats butter.

Scotch eggs: Sausagemeat from our own farm reared pigs. Free-range egg and homemade breadcrumbs

Talley eggs. Free-range egg wrapped in a mix of soft goats cheese, cheddar and leeks and rolled in homemade breadcrumbs.

Spinach & goats cheese pasties, Homemade rough puff pastry with a filling of soft goats cheese, spinach and a hint of nutmeg

Roasted butternut squash & goats cheese pasties. Homemade rough puff with sage and garlic roasted squash and soft goats cheese.

Pork & apple pasties. Homemade shortcrust pastry filled with our own minced pork, chunks of bramley apple and sage.

Jamaican goat pasty. Homemade shortcrust pastry filled with our own minced goat, chunks of sweet potato seasoned with West Indian spices and herbs

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