Come and help us pack on a friday!

Supporting our local food producers and making wholesome unprocessed food available has never been more important. One of the ways we as a community can make our food culture better, is by engaging with the food supply chain directly.

The Hub is meant as a people’s hub that you as a customer is a part of. Therefore we will make the friday packing a community task, and we hope that our Hub-community will support it. First of all we need members to come on the friday and help eachother meet the producers, pack the boxes, meet the customers and do deliveries to pick up points and customers. Please get in touch on 0759 7231 371 if you will be able to help.

If you are not able to help out every friday, or just a few hours of the packing period, that is fine. You can come once a month, or whenever you are able to. Just let us know in the week if you can make it so we can coordinate a team for the week. As a Volunteer you receive a 10% discount on orders through the Hub.

This will also free the core team up to run and expand the food hub, such as establishing the coming market, find more producers (such as dairy which is still missing), apply for funding and much time consuming but necessary book keeping.

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