Blessed are the Cheese Makers!

Our cheese dreams have come true at last with Carmarthenshire Cheese joining the food hub this week, to promote and sell their range of cheese hampers on our Christmas order cycle for pick up or local delivery 22 December.

Steve and Sian have over 60 years combined experience in the cheese industry and they are still combining tradition and technology, whilst devoted to creating a range of fine quality cheeses.

Boksburg Blue: A soft continental style cheese with delicate blue veining a smooth creamy taste and a natural grey-blue rind. Named after Boksburg Hall, Llanllwch, a gentleman’s residence, farm and former family home to Dylan Thomas’ Uncle John and Aunt Jane who made cheese there until 1940’s.

Boksburg Gold: A smooth and creamy cheese with golden curds and delicate blue veining.

Llangloffan range: A farmhouse style cheese, Llangloffan was the original artisan cheese created in West Wales by Leon Downey at his farm in Pembrokeshire in the 1970’s. This tradition is carried on today by Carmarthenshire Cheese who continue its manufacture after Leon’s retirement using his original recipes.

The flavours in the Llangloffan range are:

  • Llangloffan White, with a fresh, citrusy flavour.
  • Llangloffan Smoked, smoked over beech and oak chips
  • Llangloffan Red, a more mature flavour than the white

Pont Gar range: Pont Gar means Carmarthenshire Bridge and Gar also translates as ‘love’ in Welsh – the packaging carries the abstract heart logo which reflects this bilingual message. Our Pont Gar range are soft, mould ripened cheeses, making an excellent alternative to brie.

The flavours available in the Pont Gar range are:

  • Pont Gar White
  • Pont Gar Black Pepper
  • Pont Gar Garlic and Herbs

The hampers are priced at £7.50, £15 and £20 and are available on our shop for pre-order now, just selected the “ready for 22 Dec” on the shop front to view and order.  If you want particular flavours please list these in the special instructions when you place your order, we will then ask Carmarthenshire Cheese to add these for you.


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